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    How to design a high-end and practical packaging box?


    The packing box name is used for product packaging box, can according to material classification such as: carton, tin, wooden box, cloth box, leather box, acrylic corrugated box, packing box, PVC box, can also according to the name of the product classification such as: the moon cake box, tea box, wolfberry box, candy box, gift box native, box, wine box, chocolate box, food and drug health box, food packing box, tea box, stationery and so on.

    For the most well known and most practical flat packaging, apple is the first to be the first. First, we need to know the size and shape of products, the use of products, whether there are special requirements for product packaging, such as forgery, special materials and so on, so we need to communicate with merchants. When you know this, you can design it. If you have idear, you can do hand painting on paper first. This process may require some modifications (such as size, structure and plane). If you feel good, you can use software to depict the structure and plane.

    Usually, the layout plan of the packaging is to first draw out its structure diagram, then guide the structure diagram to AI, and do graphic design drawing. At the same time, remember the design of bleeding, and design and let the merchant confirm, then you can get the film and print. The general enterprise does not use CTF in the printing package, and uses the CTP (more accurate printing plate printing), and the CTF out of the field is usually made of the knife mold.

    Ming Sheng Xing is a focus of products packaging customization, brand packaging, specializing in the design of paper packaging enterprises to print various brochures, handbags, product brochures, product packaging box, gift boxes and other business.

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